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    Course Overview

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    Session One - August 16 - Problematic Sexual Behavior in Children and Adolescents

    • Pretest Session 1

    • Posttest Session 1

    • Problematic Sexual Behaviors in Children & Adolescents

  • 3

    Upcoming Lectures - quizzes and handouts will be posted before each session

    • Is this an Injury or something else: The importance of follow-up examinations!

    • Addressing childhood adversity with a trauma-informed lens

    • Pediatric history-taking – What is appropriate, what is not

    • Worrisome skin injuries in young children: Current evidence

    • Recognizing child physical abuse and neglect, and taking the next steps

    • Pediatric Case Review in Action: Cases that Highlight the Importance of Collaborative Teams and Peer Review

  • 4

    Materials of interest

    • Resource List

    • CAC_Medical_Provider_Orientation

    • Medical Provider Recommended Guidelines

    • Medical Access Spectrum Toolkit - sexual abuse

    • MedicalAccessSpectrum toolkit for physical assault

    • CAC Medical Toolkit

    • Equity and Iclusion for CAC

    • article -Child Sex Trafficking and Commercial Sexual Exploitation Health Care Needs of Victims

    • article - relationship poverty and abuse

    • article - updated guidelines for assessment and care child sex abuse

    • Free Podcasts from AFN

    • FORTHCOMING TEXT: Introduction to Forensic Nursing