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    PDF Resources

    • Collecting evidence from sexual assault cases

    • Resources for evidence management in health care settings

    • Role of the forensic nurse expert

    • Evidence management of self-collected items: A targeted gap analysis

    • A new model for comprehensive medical forensic care

    • The evidence behind the mask

    • Improving rural sexual assault evidence and investigation through multidisciplinary collaboration

    • Elder abuse and maltreatment

    • Can you own a person? Answering questions about human trafficking

    • What is trauma-informed care?

    • Alternate light source technology in the detection of evidence and injury

    • Pediatric strangulation: What you need to know

    • One impressive projectile (gun shot wound case study)

    • Gunshot wound evidence collection in the emergency department

    • Gang migration to rural and suburban areas: An evolving threat to emergency departments and law enforcement

    • Photo documentation and the medical-forensic examination: